The Search for 'A': An Adventure in Stockholm

Meet B, C, and D: Tempted by the promise of one free year of postgraduate legal education. "Taught" by one American professor with a peculiar accent, and one Swedish professor who is proof positive that sentence cohesion isn't necessary to be published. Sarcastic, native English speakers who live in too posh a neighborhood, live for the konditori, godis and kaffe, and just want some recent crap television available to them, please. Hereafter are tales of their exploits and misadventures.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

A's, found in Stockholm

Interestingly, it's been a while since any of us posted on this blog. Apologies seem in order, but I doubt we've much of a following anymore :) I've been posting like crazy on my blog and C has posted several times herself; well, on her blog of course.

We all acheived A's on our finals btw. It was foreshadowing, on some level, that we titled this page "Searching for A," since we all ended up with A's on the exam :) We did quite well, in fact. We are now diligently working on our theses so we can graduate on time. Or at least make a good show at graduating on time.

Hope all is well!


Monday, October 25, 2004

C Gets Flowers and Will Not Shut Up About It.

Poor D and B, as they sat with me over lunch today on Nybrogatan: "Hey, y'all, I'm getting flowers today from the manfriend." And then later...on their cell phones - "Hey, I got my flowers and they are gorgeous." Interspersed with..."Hey, manfriend will be here in twelve days!" And, because I got a haircut today, many exclamations of "I'm worried I have a mullet! What product can I use? Do the bang-y parts look okay? Does it make me look like I have chipmunk cheeks?"

This one goes out to D and B - D for throwing a great dinner party potluck deal and not judging me too much when I bought yet another thing out shopping, B for making me salads and sitting around drinking coffee and willingly skulking about Etos looking for product, and D and B for the chats about hair, neuroses, manfriend, and topics savory and suitable for young ears, and those not so suitable. Y'all rock.

Did I mention I had flowers delivered today? So pretty. Be grateful I haven't *posted* a *picture* of the flowers, because I totally thought about doing that.

Flowers flowers flowers. And stuff.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Dinner Party-age

So, there are minor nuances to pot-lucks I never realized. For one, when you invite only portions of your class you feel guilty for it. There really is no reason. Granted, you are going to like certain persons more than others, but we aren't doing it to be selective or anything. There are just people in the class we pointed out and wanted to spend time with.

Group Isolation. There is definitely a trend of group isolation emerging within the class. It's quite unsettling, and unneccessary. How much does it suck when your classmates LABEL you an elite group, then use that as an exclusionary method to keep certain people from 'playing with others.' yeah, not cool. We won't name names, but there is definitely fracturing within the class.

Class walk. I think I will ask the class to go on a photo walk of down town stockholm. It should be good times. And, damn it, not many people will show up anyways. Is sad.

~so Desu Ne

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

B on Hell Week

The normal connotations for hell week do NOT apply here. At least for most collegiates hell week insinuates some promise and a life long commitment in the form of a fraternal order. This week, clearly, does not. I will make this brief, through fragment thoughts and statements. My best:

Group Work


Closed rooms with no ventilation



Memos for problems your professor did NOT READ

Class Counsel

Class Counsel Members not doing shit

Class Counsel Members pissed that you did shit when they purposely avoided it

Being Single

Having no free time

Spending 14 hours on school work this weekend

9 am classes

Batteries dying in your gameboy in the middle of a battle

"She threw her voice with two puppets?"

Vis Competition

Mooting after having a problem for a week

Stressed so badly ass-print now permanent on toilet seat

Mi may not be coming back to Stockholm for longer than a Month

Loans come due soon

More group work

Class readings


Forgetting your lunch and nothing to Eat

"The Chewbaka Defense"

Not hearing from M

Daylight shrinking, um, daily

"You go to hell, you go to hell and you die!"

Affirmation: To the world you may be one, by to one you may be the world.

~so desu ne

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

C Continues To Post In A Pathetically Infrequent Manner

Short but sweet. I continue to post infrequently. What was that about joining a gym? And buying Kan Jang so I wouldn't come down with yet another cold? And making through what I suppose is a week of PMS?

Just wanted to post something that wasn't B's, as I hope he appreciates it, but mainly to wish him much luck on LLM-y extracurricular stuff that's taking up all his free time, and to tell him I miss him!


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

B on Weds - the Early Day

The lecturer today, I swear, was brilliant. However, the hour when he lectured digested any fruits his lecture offered. I mean seriously, can you expect normal, graduate students to wake up and actually LEARN that early in the morning? D said she got something out of it because we looked at British law.

After a well planned-out lesson (which I totally disagreed with because he discussed, at length, the quasi-contract formed when selecting and empowering an arbitrator and I just disagree) I scrambled to find a room. The thing that bit me in the ass was missreading my email from the professor. Apparently, "The room is booked" meant that the room was booked FOR us. So, I was in a rotten mood. But, one of my sensible classmates went and spoke with our professor, who apologized for the mistake. It ended up working out fine.

What did NOT work out fine was me having to lead the discussion. Granted, someone had to take the lead, I guess, but it was difficult. I positioned myself in the center of the room, more or less, so I was 'asking' for it. I basically ran a mediation with 21 people for 1.5 hours. Don't try it. I've been completely drained since. D, C and I had lunch after though, so it was nice and relaxing. Then there was gymmage. All in all not a bad day.

~so desu ne

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


8 am classes, for persons who have to commute to school, is bogus. Whoever thought of this should be taken out and shot, spit on, and buried alive. Tomorrow will definitely be fun.

I'm psyched.

Class at 8 am. "Did she really throw her voice with two puppets." " The Bitch MUST DIE." "You go to hell, you go to hell and you die."

~So desu ne